Klingon Fanatic's SFC:OP and SFC3 TMP Mod

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Cromwell's Klingon Academy Suvwl' Qeh brought to SFC by Cleeve additional warp engine textures by P81. Welcome to My Games Web Page! Here is what I hope will be the start of a great TMP era mod for SFC:OP and SFC3.
Thanks to everyone in the SFC community for their contributions to making my SFC:OP and SFC3 games much more enjoyable. Feel free to contact me if you have comments or suggestions!

I have very ecclectic tastes and prefer non-canon Trek models from FASA, SFC, Ships of The Starfleet, Jackill and custom models made by Trek fans
I like the TNG era but I really grew up playing in the TMP era. FASA Trek was cool in the 1980s and ST:I-IV were movies that I eagerly waited to arrive in the movie theaters.

What do I like better SFC:OP or SFC3?
I prefer SFC:OP at the moment as there are more missions, ships and game enhancements available. It is my hope somebody can convert the SFC1 music and missions to SFC:OP or even SFC: EAW. The Holy Grail of Trek gaming IMHO would involve a game with the depth of SFC, the 3D battles of ST: Bridge Commander and the warp features of SFC3.

I personally think SFC3 was another game let out of the developers labs WAY too early. My opinion will possibly change when the patch for SFC3 becomes available.

Cromwell's Klingon Academy Suvwl' Qeh with Moonraker's red/brown textures, brought to the SFC community by Cleeve. Klingon Academy, meets FASA Trek, Meets Ships of The Starfleet,meets Starfleet Battles, meets fan based Trek....
As much as I like TNG ships and settings, I really LOVE TMP ships and settings better. The sense of scale between ships, stellar empires and everything in between in the TMP setting seems less exaggerated. As an example, an Excelsior class ship is more powerful than a Constitution refit but not unimaginably so. TNG writers tended to really exaggerate their scales and add lots of unintelligible techno-babble to justify why 'X' was greater than 'Y'.
TMP Era Mods
I like variety in my TMP setting and as such I have decided that NO canon Trek ships will be included in my mods unless it is unavoidable. There is not much point in doing 'another TMP mod' if I can't offer something different. Due to a lack of good TMP era models, SOME of the famous D2 models will need to be used out of necessity to fill in holes but my intent is not to use them as primary ships. Some ships may have appeared in other TMP mods such as Chris Jones' TMP mod while others like the Klingon Academy Tholians are complete conversions from one Trek game, such as FASA Trek or Klingon Academy, that have been brought to SFC:OP or SFC3. Occassionally, a TNG ship or station from a ST:Armada or Birth of The Federation conversion may be used to fill in any percieved gap in my mod.