The COOLEST Games Ever Made

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Something old, something new, borrowed....
The SFB Andromedans in their TMP Era form will replace the Borg in SFC3 and the ISC in SFC:OP for this mod.
P81's Imposer(Borg sphere) vs P81's Akula Perimeter Action ship(Norway) P81's FASA Chandley, Lt. Kevin Riley's Loknar Refit (Defiant).

Priority of effort for this mod goes to SFC:OP then SFC3. Each of these games needs a patch and a Melak Warbird before I will get really motivated to get this done.

Moonraker's Starbase and his FBCH retextured by Ganymad (NOTE: Moonraker's bridge module has been retained) Shadows of things to come...
I still have a lot of adjustments to the Spec files for these games if I want to do this right. However, my primary inclination is to simply replace stock ships on a 1:1 basis.